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Call Center Best Practices for Education

Colleges, schools and universities experience unpredictable, fluctuating levels of incoming call volume. However, calls are spread over several departments and volume can significantly vary day-to-day depending on particular events such as registration, sporting and fundraising activities. Telephone automation can play an important role in providing efficient customer service. Properly implemented, educational institutions can increase student satisfaction, lower costs for the school as well as offer new services.

Our education automation will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of the school's administrative personnel while providing flexible, cost-effective service. We can directly connect to any back-end database or mainframe. The beauty of the system is that it can utilize the current school or department infrastructure without making changes to the database. This application has all the features required by any large or small institution with modules being added based on your needs.

Centurion CAREScall denter best practices software for education enable proactive universities, colleges and schools to:

  • Set-up a student service center that delivers exceptional student experiences that differentiate you from other institutions
  • Improve fundraising with respectful, efficient campaigns
  • Implement disaster recovery plans and emergency communication for all situations
  • Extract business intelligence from every interaction to continuously improve the curriculum
  • Always have enough resources

The CARES system provides real time data tracking for:

Details of courses/subjects offered

  • Courses offered
  • Eligibility criteria for selected course
  • Duration of course
  • Fee Structure
  • Available registration
  • Modules offered

Course registration

Student Profile

  • Courses in which students are registered
  • Student ID Number
  • Student’s fees status
  • Students personal information

Exam Scheduling

  • Venues for exams

Current and future events and happening on campus

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