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Call Center Best Practices for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Solutions for Small to Medium Business

Small and Medium sized businesses provide the economic backbone to a thriving economy. Being a small company itself, CenturionCARES understands the challenge SMBs face of delivering superior client service without the benefit of Fortune 1000-sized budgets. Investments in technology are made with great care and need to ensure the proper return in order for the business to remain competitive.

CenturionCARES' portfolio of communications solutions help today’s enterprises level the playing field against the larger corporations by providing innovative and cost-effective tools that maximize budgets, staff productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction with consistent, seamless multi-channel service
Building customer loyalty necessitates a superior service experience at every contact point across all channels of communication. CARES™ ties together your contact center, customer facing locations, offices, employees and remote workers to be managed as a single contact center with one set of business rules and goals. This makes your whole organization more responsive and focused on providing an enhanced customer experience with every interaction.

Improve customer loyalty with highly personalized assistance
CenturionCARES’ all-in-one communication platform means calls are routed more accurately, wait times are reduced, and customers can receive convenient callbacks rather than waiting on hold. The system instantly pushes customer profiles and recent activity to your employees, allowing you to build customer loyalty through personalized services and new product offers. Intelligent self-service options allow customers to easy access information they want, when they want it.

Boost revenue by identifying selling opportunities
Every customer interaction, regardless of channel, must be viewed as a potential sales opportunity. CenturionCARES’ communication platform allows agents to get the right information at the right time, to better identify receptive high-value customers and drive more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Enhance performance and QA
The CARES system provides real-time call monitoring, voice and screen recording, automated surveys and historical reports that enable you to improve performance through targeting agent training. It also provides tools to help you make confident decisions on staffing levels to eliminate bottlenecks and better utilize available capacity.

Flexible budget and service options
The CARES™ solution allows for your organization to start with the basics and add feature/functionality as your needs evolve simply by adding software. You get the economy of unique and complete IVR and ACD functions as well as a CTI solution, all integrated seamlessly into your existing environment.  Even CenturionCARES' world-class support can be customized to meet your budget and business needs.

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