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Call Center Best Practices for Government

Government Efficiency Is NOT an Oxymoron

From the largest federal bureaucracies to the smallest local agencies, the same two words have been heard over and over again; budget cuts. Government offices of all sizes have been repeatedly asked to increase productivity and decrease expenses.   While the funds available for technological investment have diminished, the need for delivering outstanding customer service has not.  With over 35 years’ experience in dealing with the unique requirements of federal, state and local governments, CenturionCARES has communications solutions that enable clients to succeed by “doing more with less”.   

Seamless and cost-effective integration
The CARES Contact Center solution is compatible with most telephony environments, and the application can be integrated into almost any communications scenario. The system effectively interfaces to host systems and LAN/WAN networks so there is minimal impact on staff or customers.  The CARES solution has been designed to grow and evolve along with any organization.  Start with a single module, then features and functionality can be added with simple software upgrades.

Flexible Applications
The CARES Contact Center solution is an all-in-one package providing ACD, Dynamic Call Routing, Screen Pops, Audio and Screen Recording, Virtual Hold, Predictive Dialing, Agent ScoreCard, Survey, and much more. Its robust reporting feature (over 110 options) allows government agencies to easily meet their requirements for record keeping as well as identify trends and statistics that will support better business decisions.

CenturionCARES designs many government solutions around the CARES Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module. The CARES IVR provides citizens the ability to obtain account balances, pay bills, schedule appointments, and obtain service information on a convenient 24/7 basis.

Federal, State, and Local Government
CenturionCARES remains the leading provider of Contact Center and IVR software that allow various government agencies to "do more with less'" with innovative applications such as:

  • Collection and Distribution of Child Support Payments
  • Driver’s License Verification and Renewal
  • Unemployment Registration and Compensation
  • Income Tax Payment and Refund Status
  • Identity Theft Fraud Prevention

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