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CARES for Service: Protect Your Resources, Protect Your Brand

Customer service is an ever-evolving opportunity, whether you offer products or services within financial services, utilities, government agencies, housing authories, insurance, or other types of businesses.

The Evolution of Customer Service

Congratulations, your business is evolving. Your organization most likely offers multiple channels for your customers to conduct business and obtain services from you. You have a web site, a mobile app, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and various social media outlets. Many types of businesses have branches or possibly kiosks for face-to-face interactions. Even with all of the available options your customers may choose from to interact with you today, the telephone continues to be the most highly favored and highly utilized channel.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure that your service levels remain high and your good reputation remains intact whenever your phone rings?

CARES Helps You through the Evolution & Beyond

Your dynamic business isn't the only thing evolving. With advanced technology making instant gratification the new norm, your customer's expectations have risen dramatically. Your commitment to exceeding those expectations is what will distinguish you in your market. With a scalable platform engineered to seamlessly integrate and grow to accommodate the evolving needs of your business, CARES call center software will help you meet and exceed the escalating service demands both now and in the future.

CARES Protection

CARES works by protecting your most valuable resources: time and talent. CARES provides time for your supervisors to monitor call center operations, properly train staff, and make well-informed strategic decisions. This in turn allows staff to develop pertinent skills and hone streamlined workflows, making their time more productive and satisfying. With an efficient, happy staff and knowledgeable, focused managers, the superior quality of your customer service will be ensured and your brand’s solid reputation will be protected.

CARES Roadmap to Excellence

CARES time-saving features include Pre-Authentication, ProSpeak, Screen Pop, and Virtual Hold Call Back. CARES IVR mimics the live agent experience to help offload redundant calls (50% of total calls in some cases) and allow agents to spend more time on relationship building interactions. Our reporting and quality assurance tools help expedite the training and onboarding process, freeing valuable time for both agents and supervisors.

Wherever the evolving road to customer service excellence takes you, CARES will help you get there.

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