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CARES for Growth: Every Interaction Is an Opportunity

How Do You Want To Grow?

Whether you are looking to grow organically, or through acquisition or merger, CARES call center software will provide you with the infrastructure to easily expand, train and retain your best skill sets. CARES provides the tools to help you identify your organization’s top performers, whether you define performance by greater efficiency or by increased product sales. More importantly, Cares will enable you to apply the insights gained from your most accomplished agents to help drive better results from your under-performing agents, and the organization as a whole. With your entire team adhering to call center best practices, you'll be positioned to exploit the opportunities that every interaction brings.

Turn Your Missed Opportunities into Value

In order for a service organization to help a company grow, its staff needs to trained, motivated, and accountable. While your top agents will continue to perform well, without intervention your under-performers will unfortunately also continue on their downward trajectory.  CARES can reverse that slide however, by protecting the valuable commodity of time, giving more of it to both performers and non-performer alike.  Innovative CARES features such as Pre-Authentication, ProSpeak, Screen Pop, and Virtual Hold Call Back help shave precious minutes off of hold times and handle times, while CARES Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can offload your most redundant calls completely (50% of total calls in some cases). The extra time allows your agents to be more proactive in their caller interactions, and explore upsell and cross sell opportunities that don’t present themselves in reactive, service only scenarios.

CARES Raises the Level for All

The extra time also allows managers to turn their attention to improving the under-performers, rather than constantly scrambling to cover phones and put out fires. CARES Real Time Call Monitoring, Voice and Screen Recording, Integrated Customer Survey and Agent Scorecard effectively identify weak points and potential areas for improvement in your under-performers, and provide a positive QA training model by tapping into the best traits of the team’s top agents. In addition, the CARES robust reporting function gathers the vital information required to support strategic business decisions and to help target your training efforts to deliver maximum results.

In short, CARES provides your organization with more opportunities, more time and more skills, helping to transform your customer service agents into a sales force to be reckoned with.

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