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Industry Insights

Solutions for Small to Medium Business

Small and Medium sized businesses provide the economic backbone to a thriving economy. Being a small company itself, CenturionCARES understands the challenge SMBs face of delivering superior client service without the benefit of Fortune 1000-sized budgets. Investments in technology are made with great care and need to ensure the proper return in order for the business to remain competitive.

CenturionCARES’ portfolio of communications solutions help today’s enterprises level the playing field against the larger corporations by providing innovative and cost-effective tools that maximize budgets, staff productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction with consistent, seamless multi-channel service
Building customer loyalty necessitates a superior service experience at every contact point across all channels of communication. CARES™ ties together your contact center, customer facing locations, offices, employees and remote workers to be managed as a single contact center with one set of business rules and goals. This makes your whole organization more responsive and focused on providing an enhanced customer experience with every interaction.

Improve customer loyalty with highly personalized assistance
CenturionCARES’ all-in-one communication platform means calls are routed more accurately, wait times are reduced, and customers can receive convenient callbacks rather than waiting on hold. The system instantly pushes customer profiles and recent activity to your employees, allowing you to build customer loyalty through personalized services and new product offers. Intelligent self-service options allow customers to easy access information they want, when they want it.

Boost revenue by identifying selling opportunities
Every customer interaction, regardless of channel, must be viewed as a potential sales opportunity. CenturionCARES’ communication platform allows agents to get the right information at the right time, to better identify receptive high-value customers and drive more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Enhance performance and QA
The CARES system provides real-time call monitoring, voice and screen recording, automated surveys and historical reports that enable you to improve performance through targeting agent training. It also provides tools to help you make confident decisions on staffing levels to eliminate bottlenecks and better utilize available capacity.

Flexible budget and service options
The CARES™ solution allows for your organization to start with the basics and add feature/functionality as your needs evolve simply by adding software. You get the economy of unique and complete IVR and ACD functions as well as a CTI solution, all integrated seamlessly into your existing environment.  Even CenturionCARES’ world-class support can be customized to meet your budget and business needs.

Smart Solutions for Today’s Competitive Financial Landscape

Today’s consumers enjoy a wealth of options when it comes to financial services. Forward thinking financial firms know that every opportunity for growth must be capitalized on, so their focus is on strengthening their most valuable asset: their customer relationships.  At the same time, a difficult economic environment requires strict adherence to budgets. CenturionCARES helps its financial clients achieve a perfect blend of superior service experience and expense management with its CARES Contact Center Solutions for Financials.

For over 35 years CenturionCARES has been working with banks, credit unions, savings and loans, mortgage houses and other financial firms to help them optimize their customer engagement opportunities. We appreciate the value they place on excellent customer service and we’ve designed our communications solutions to fit comfortably into that culture. Throughout the entire sales, implementation, and support process you’ll deal with people who come from the financial and contact center industries, so you can be confident that your needs will be understood and your issues will be resolved to your complete satisfaction.

CARES is an all-encompassing communications solution with built in flexibility, allowing each financial institution to customize a system that perfectly suits their unique requirements. Among the popular options you choose to deploy are:

CARES ProSpeak - Inquiries for account balances and recent transactions account for up to 50% of daily call types.  ProSpeak helps save time and money on those calls. Callers are verified, then while in queue the system delivers current balance, last deposit, and recent transactions. ProSpeak offloads callers who choose the contact center over outside channels such as IVR, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking, resulting in dramatic reductions in time and repetitive phone calls.

CARES Next Teller  - The Next Teller “Account Inquiry System” has been designed exclusively for financial applications, enables transactions from any touch-tone telephone, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

CARES Past Due Routing - Recognizes past due accounts and automatically routes callers to collection agents.

CARES Virtual Hold - Virtual Hold offers callers who have reached a pre-set wait time in queue the choice to either continue holding or to hang up and receive a callback when the call reaches queue “Position 1”. Mitigates frustration and enables more productive use of time for both caller and agent.

CARES Call Recording - By informing the caller that calls are being monitored, this tool can be used for transaction verification. Asking the caller to state their name and verbally agree to the recording may substitute for a written signature of acceptance for the transaction.

Government Efficiency Is NOT an Oxymoron

From the largest federal bureaucracies to the smallest local agencies, the same two words have been heard over and over again; budget cuts. Government offices of all sizes have been repeatedly asked to increase productivity and decrease expenses.   While the funds available for technological investment have diminished, the need for delivering outstanding customer service has not.  With over 35 years’ experience in dealing with the unique requirements of federal, state and local governments, CenturionCARES has communications solutions that enable clients to succeed by “doing more with less”.   

Seamless and cost-effective integration
The CARES Contact Center solution is compatible with most telephony environments, and the application can be integrated into almost any communications scenario. The system effectively interfaces to host systems and LAN/WAN networks so there is minimal impact on staff or customers.  The CARES solution has been designed to grow and evolve along with any organization.  Start with a single module, then features and functionality can be added with simple software upgrades.

Flexible Applications
The CARES Contact Center solution is an all-in-one package providing ACD, Dynamic Call Routing, Screen Pops, Audio and Screen Recording, Virtual Hold, Predictive Dialing, Agent ScoreCard, Survey, and much more. Its robust reporting feature (over 110 options) allows government agencies to easily meet their requirements for record keeping as well as identify trends and statistics that will support better business decisions.

CenturionCARES designs many government solutions around the CARES IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module. The CARES IVR provides citizens the ability to obtain account balances, pay bills, schedule appointments, and obtain service information on a convenient 24/7 basis.

Federal, State, and Local Government
CenturionCARES remains the leading provider of Contact Center and IVR software that allow various government agencies to “do more with less”, with innovative applications such as:

  • Collection and Distribution of Child Support Payments
  • Driver’s License Verification and Renewal
  • Unemployment Registration and Compensation
  • Income Tax Payment and Refund Status
  • Identity Theft Fraud Prevention

Doing More With Less

With unemployment and under-employment prevailing and rental prices steadily increasing, a growing number of citizens are turning to public housing for safe, affordable accommodations. Housing Authorities across the country assist millions of families seeking affordable housing. On a daily basis these agencies handle hundreds of redundant phone calls from citizens seeking information relative to their accounts or their status on a waiting list.

And while the applicant list continues to grow ever longer, the agency struggles to keep pace, tasked with doing more with less people. Budget restrictions have stifled the addition of new employees, the acquisition of new technology, and the upgrade of old equipment. As a result, callers often experience long and frustrating waits to speak to someone and get the help they need.

CenturionCARES recognizes the challenges these agencies are facing, striving to sustain a superior level of service while keeping costs to a minimum. And after three and half decades of working with similar situations, CenturionCARES has solutions that can help.

A key component of doing more with less is the automation of redundant communications. Allowing the system to answer redundant inquiries frees up the Housing Authority personnel to engage in more personalized interactions and apply the unique skills they have acquired through their specialized training.  The staff will be more productive and satisfied in their work, which translates into better service and higher customer satisfaction.

CenturionCARES offers Housing Authorities a full portfolio of Contact Center solutions as well as self-service IVR applications that provide the convenience of 24/7 service. All our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems and offer the flexibility to grow and evolve as your needs change with simple software additions. Whatever combination of services you require, both you and your customers will appreciate the benefits of automated communications, such as:

  • Mitigates the expense, time, and uncertainly of postal mail delivery.
  • Automated reminder calls free up skilled personnel to work on higher value tasks.
  • Delivers calls outside of office hours, when clients may be easier to reach.
  • Reduces appointment no-shows with timely notifications.
  • Lessens inbound call volume by proactively reaching out to clients before they call you.
  • Delivers past due rent reminders efficiently without tying up valuable resources.

Stay ahead of the customer service curve

Regulatory and consumer demands for improved services in the utility industry have ushered in an era of change. In the newly competitive landscape consumers no longer accept business as usual customer service, increased costs with little improvement in reliability, and conducting business with a utility that is behind the communications technology curve. For today’s utilities, the need to provide customers with enhanced services while containing costs has never been more imperative.

With a decades-long association with the utilities industry, CenturionCARES understands not only how they operate, but what their customers expect from their service experience.  No matter what type of CARES Contact Center or IVR solution is deployed, CenturionCARES’ utility clients know that their customers will enjoy world class service, their staff will have the tools they need to be successful, and their operating costs will stay well within budget.

CenturionCARES has worked with a wide variety of utility providers, including electric, gas, water, cable or any combination of services. Their clients are public utilities and private utilities, Cooperatives (Co-ops) and Investor Owned (IOUs).  The common thread among them is they have all enriched their customer experiences, improved their communications efficiencies, and reduced their operating costs.

Improve customer satisfaction with proactive service
With a CenturionCARES communications system, your customers experience reduced wait times, support from informed agents and convenient callbacks rather than waiting on hold. In addition, they enjoy the convenience of anytime access to billing information, outage reporting and bill payments           (PCI PA-DSS compliant) via a variety of communication channels: phone, cellular, web and email. Call recording and screen capture helps resolve disputes, avoid misunderstandings and improve service quality. The CARES automated Outbound Notification system allows the utility to efficiently alert thousands of customers about changes in business operations, rates, scheduled service disruptions, and other community service announcements. Personalized past due notifications help mitigate the frustration and expense of service terminations and re-starts.

Simplify business continuity and disaster recovery
Creating a secure and redundant communications environment is difficult when you have a mish-mash of communications products with diverse architectures from different manufacturers. But CenturionCARES’ communication system has built-in failover services and is designed for consistent operation. Having multiple contact points means upgrades made in response to changing customer preferences can be completed at a lower cost and without major operational interruptions. This is done by simply adding software to the CARES server. 

Meet tomorrow's challenges today
CenturionCARES’ innovative communications solution offer seamless integration, cost-effective versatility, and the flexibility to grow with your organization to meet your customers' evolving needs. Tomorrow's utility industry leaders will be the companies that realize the benefits that come from delivering superior customer service today.