How “smart” is your call center?

As the Internet of Things, smart meters, smart appliances and the power grid converge to become the Smart Grid – more robust, efficient, economical and responsive to consumer demand – can you say the same for your call center?  After all, those engineering miracles occurring in the background are virtually invisible to your customers.  All they know about is the experience they have when they reach out for assistance.  Whether or not you’re part of the revolution in electric distribution, or gas, or water, your call center agents need to be as reliable and responsive as your distribution – more so – as they are on the front lines when that system goes wrong.

CARES is the Smart Choice

The CARES suite of integrated customer service software helps level the expected daily and seasonal spikes in your call center traffic, while deftly managing unanticipated outage-related spikes. Through both automated and live agent interactions, our efficiency-boosting solutions improve productivity and throughput, while facilitating responsive, quality service, in a secure, PCI certified environment.

With new features and functionality added through simple software upgrades, CARES grows right along with your organization, so you will never face the massive hassles and expense of complete system replacement.  Pretty Smart!

For nearly four decades, CenturionCARES has been partnering with utilities both public and private, co-ops and investor owned, serving gas, electric and municipalities.  Developing, integrating, and supporting Customer Service and Member Service solutions CARES Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software creates a fully integrated communications solution that delivers significantly improved operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service experiences. Pretty smart!


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