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2-Minutes saved per 4-Minute call is the same as doubling your staff!

Staffing is no longer an issue.

CARES Knows When To Automate

CARES integration for a better customer experience and time savings!

Pre-Authenticate-Customers provide account information while waiting in queue:
• CARES Authenticates the caller, so your agent doesn’t have to.
• CARES is able to route caller based on their account status. (VIP, Collections)
• Saves time on every call!
• ProSpeak-Relevant account information is spoken. (account balance, date of last deposit, loan status, password / PIN reset, etc.)
• CARES ACD provides exactly what the caller needed. (Hangs up-Saves Time!)
• CARES ACD provides part of what was needed. (One less question- Saves Time!)

• Screen Pop-Customer Account is presented to the agent. (Core / CMS, CARES Notes)
• Agent has customer profile at their fingertips. Saves Time!
• Agent has customer past conversation notes at their fingertips. Saves Time!
• Agent greets caller by name, is well-prepared, all while saving time!



CARES Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)

CenturionCARES ACD has been designed to support a number of routing procedures that can accommodate varying client call handling needs.

Advanced features of the CARES ACD Solution include:

  • CTI/Screen Pop - Caller information readily available to agent

  • Quality Assurance Tools - Voice and Screen recording 

  • Real-Time Monitoring Tools - Whisper Coaching, both Agent and Supervisor initiated

  • Extensive Reporting Options – Over 110 standard reports available in multiple formats

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CARES Seamlessly Integrates With Numerous Systems Including:

Fiserv  Symitar  jack henry  Mitel  NEC  FIS VisiFI Cisco AVAYA 

Easy and Simple to Use for all BANKS & CREDIT UNIONS

Leverage the industry's most innovative contact center platform.