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Call Center FLEX-ibility!

With its latest version of CARES Software, CenturionCARES is adding flexibility to the call center environment. Featured in Release 14.3, CARES FLEX Phone gives agents the ability to make and receive calls through the CARES server using any device, from any location.

Calls that come into the CARES server are delivered to an agent’s extension through the connected FLEX Phone, just as they are sent to the headset in a standard agent soft phone configuration. All CARES features and options that are available to agents in the physical call center structure are available through the FLEX Phone connection as well.  Managers also retain the ability to monitor agent activities, collect real-time data and run reports. FLEX device options include wireless headsets, desk phones, home phones or mobile phones from any manufacturer.

Protection Against Call Volume, Aid in Disaster Control

CARES FLEX releases agents from the dedicated work station and allows them to serve customers from any device and any location. It also allows non-typical agents outside of the call center to take calls from their desk or mobile phones.  The added flexibility helps alleviate stress on call centers that are understaffed for any reason, such as high absenteeism or after hour’s emergencies. Flex also aids in redundancy and disaster control. For example, if adverse weather conditions prevent access to the call center, an agent can operate remotely from any location with a network and phone connection.   

Like all CARES software, FLEX integrates seamlessly with virtually any phone, network, billing and customer information systems.

More CARES Enhancements

The latest CARES release has also enhanced the Reporting functionality, allowing managers to quickly search, find and display pertinent historical and real time data. The information will support more informed business decisions in areas such as staffing, training, consumer trends and sales opportunities.

Recognizing the need for multi-channel options to meet consumer expectations, the latest CARES release has improved alternative contact options such as Email, Voicemail and Chat.  

Additional enhancements incorporated into recent CARES releases include:

  • Agent Scripting
  • Expansion of CRM Notes History
  • Expansion of Agent Daily Call History
  • Improved Hard Phone and Mobile Phone Support
  • Enhanced Cloud Feature Offerings

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