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The Super Social Media Channel You Aren't Using

The Great and Powerful Social Media

I don’t know if social media uses a PR firm, but it certainly seems like it:

  •   “Leverage social media to boost customer loyalty”
  •   “Social media buzz forces schedule change”
  •   “Social media leads to break in unsolved criminal case”

From creating pseudo-celebrities to influencing government policy, it seems like there is nothing that social media can’t do. Would it be all that surprising to see “Social media discovers cure for common cold”? Well, I suppose that may be a bit much, but then again, I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a “get off my lawn” guy yearning for the good ol’ days. My goal is not to demean Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media channel. I fully understand and appreciate their value to your sales and customer engagement efforts.  In fact, you’re probably reading this via your chosen social media outlet right now. No, instead my aim here is to simply highlight what may be the most popular, most effective, and unfortunately, most overlooked social media at your disposal – your contact center. (Don’t think this applies to you? Think again.)

Contact Center or Social Media?

Think about it. Your social media program is intended to inform, service, or attract customers, launch new products, deliver promotional offers, build loyalty, and encourage word-of-mouth advertising. A properly designed and efficiently managed contact center can check all those boxes and more. You’ll also derive the benefits of more personal connections, instantaneous feedback, and targeted upsell opportunities with customized offers. What really makes the contact center your most valuable social media channel is that your customers and prospects are actually seeking you out, instead of vice-versa! All you have to do is be ready to respond in the proper manner.

Every Call a Social Media Post

This is where too many companies and organizations fall short. They fail to see the contact center as a vital component for growth, thinking it’s only a means to collect phone calls, sort of like a twelve dollar answering machine whose mailbox has been full for three years. In actuality, each and every call is an opportunity, and what that caller experiences creates a lasting impression of your company, for better or worse. You wouldn’t expect a dilapidated building, overgrown with weeds and missing letters on the rusted signage to be a great advertisement for your business. The right curb appeal can add a great deal of value to your home or business. Likewise, your contact center is the face of your company, making it vitally important to put on an attractive front.

The good news is that there are numerous simple and cost-effective solutions that will quickly transform your contact center into a social media juggernaut, and turn a cost center into a profit center. Programs that drive increased efficiency, promote inter-department collaboration, and assure the quality of your service will be rewarded with happy customers, productive staff, and grateful owners. And with today’s social-savvy consumers, good word of mouth travels fast, far and wide.

Just Like Social Media, Who You “Follow” Is Important

While each situation is unique, it is always wise to work with a vendor that is just as committed to your overall business success as you are, rather than just trying to fill your contact center with new equipment. You may be overwhelmed with the latest technology and advanced systems, but be wary of anything that needs to be replaced when the next “big thing” appears. (That’s just about every 5 minutes these days, he says while fighting a slide into “get off my lawn” guy mode again.) Projects such as starting a contact center, expanding your current operations, or migrating to a new system may seem quite daunting, but keep in mind not every case requires a multi-million dollar investment.

My obvious bias aside, I’ll simply mention that a company like CenturionCARES will invest a great deal of time into learning your business, understanding your objectives, and assimilating  into your culture while working with you to develop a solution tailored to fit your goals and your budget. There are other like-minded companies to be sure, so it’s always a good idea to shop around, ask questions, and keep your mind open to new ideas.

In the end, it’s not who you work with but what you work on that is more important to your success. When considering an investment in your company’s future, don’t overlook the value of having a first-rate contact center – or dare I say social media center - as a building block to your company’s growth. With any luck, you may even become the next social media celebrity!

About the Author

Bob Brotzman is the Director, Marketing Communications for CenturionCARES. He has held various Marcom, Thought Leadership, and Event Management positions throughout his career. When he is not developing content for CenturionCARES’ various marketing channels, Bob is usually found helping colleagues reach their potential by sharing unsolicited hair style critiques, quasi-inspirational thoughts-of-the-day, and generally factual historical anecdotes.

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