Among CenturionCARES's greatest assets is our staff of highly qualified engineers, technical, support and service personnel. Their talents are on display via software development, systems interfacing, installation, training and post-sale support. Over and above providing Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX based multi-user and network systems, our staff’s expertise expands beyond the individual operating systems by interfacing with mainframe, LAN and PC-based hardware and software systems.

In conjunction with its extensive industry knowledge, CenturionCARES has built a loyal customer base by focusing on the unique requirements of clients in specialized markets: Government, Healthcare, Financial, Energy, and SMB. Our customized solutions have helped bring increased efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced customer interaction and bottom-line profit growth. For many of our clients, those results started to take shape through their initial consultation with CenturionCARES. We have developed a three step process to find the winning formula for your business:


CenturionCARES’s technical specialists and application engineers work hand-in-hand with the customer to gain a complete 360 degree view, including everything from infrastructure and workflow to the culture and overall goals of the organization.

Requirements & Analysis

CenturionCARES works together with the customer to identify, define and agree upon a proposed solution. Joint involvement enables the customer to understand and determine what level of involvement and responsibility matches its needs and schedule. It also insures the exact fit of the application to the customer environment. The end result of this cooperation is a complete set of specifications for each software product to be delivered. The specs will support functional definitions, network connectivity schemes, system flows, data relationships, data dictionaries, screen layouts and report formatting. CenturionCARES then provides an all-encompassing Statement of Work detailing the goals, work efforts, and timelines of the project.


Upon acceptance of the design document by both parties, CenturionCARES assigns the necessary resources to develop and complete the project. Project tasks may be identified as:

  • Development of the defined software application
  • Preparation of user and administrative application documentation
  • Application testing and quality assurance reviews
  • Application installation, implementation and user training

The Project Manager continually reviews and evaluates project issues, and schedules status meetings when necessary. The CenturionCARES implementation team is responsible for delivery of a complete and well tested solution, with each component of the solution rigorously tested to meet quality assurance standards. Comprehensive user acceptance testing guarantees that the application has met all specified requirements before finally, the deployment team provides support to the customer to ensure a smooth transition to production.

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