See the Difference Information Can Make

Big Data. Consumer insights. Business intelligence. Customer analytics.

There is no shortage of fancy buzzwords and highbrow discussions on the information businesses collect. In the end, all the information you can muster is useless if it isn’t integrated throughout your communications infrastructure and accessible to your frontline personnel. That is what CTI is all about.

Computer telephony integration describes any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated and coordinated. In simple terms, CTI is the use of computers to manage telephone calls. As customer contact channels have expanded from voice to fax, email, and web, CTI has expanded to include the integration of all those channels with computer systems.

The benefits of CTI are easy to see – literally. By giving your call center agents access to all available caller information on a unified dashboard, you are enabling more personalized service, mitigating the frustration for the caller, and setting the stage for more one-call resolutions. The end result is an enhanced customer experience leading to greater brand loyalty and additional revenue opportunities.

Among the functions that can be implemented using CTI:

  • Call information display – Caller's number (ANI), number dialed (DNIS), and Screen Pop
  • Authentication – Applying standard methodology, the phone number of the caller is screened against a database.
  • Automatic dialing/Computer dialing – Fast dial, preview, and predictive dialing
  • Phone control functions – Answer, hang up, hold, conference, etc.
  • Two party phone and data transfers – Pass along the Screen pop with the call transfer
  • Call center phone control – Log on, log off, after-call work notification
  • Advanced Functions – Call routing, call reporting, automation of desktop activities, and multi-channel blending of phone, e-mail, and web requests
  • Agent state control – After-call work for a set duration, then automatic change to the ready state
  • Call control – Call recording, quality assurance monitoring

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