The smart way to connect with your customers

Technology is advancing every ten minutes it seems, giving consumers more options to connect with your business from anywhere, at any time, for any reason. When customers or prospects take the time to reach out to you, every interaction becomes an opportunity to strengthen or destroy a valuable relationship. Are your call center operations keeping up with the demands?

With customer experience becoming the main driver for retention and growth, you need to make every interaction as seamless and satisfying as possible. Quickly connecting your caller with the agent who is best positioned to handle their request will ensure that relationships remain strong, and customers remain loyal. In short, your customer service requires CARES.

CARES is an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) designed with today’s consumer in mind. With a number of flexible routing and queuing options available, you can decide the best way to engage with your customers. Innovative CARES ACD software turns caller data into actionable information, giving agents and supervisors the tools they need to deliver more one-call resolutions and satisfy more loyal customers.