Whether you're developing new medicines, trying to win the Super Bowl, or managing a customer service call center, outcomes depend on your ability to measure, report, analyze, and improve performance. Would you undergo surgery without first seeing test results, verifying the diagnosis, and fully understanding the projected result?

The high level of service your customers expect and the results your executives demand are too important to leave to guesswork and gut feelings. Demanding questions must be asked, and difficult decisions must be made in order to keep your organization moving forward.

The good news: CARES call center best practices software gathers all the supporting data you need to make the most informed business decisions possible, and more importantly, delivers the data when you want it, where you want it, and how you want to see it.

What Makes It Better?

Most off-the-shelf VOIP and telephony systems can tell you how many calls came in and went out, but not much more than that. With no depth in reporting, vital data remains invisible, as does the accountability for your call center’s success or failure. With over 100 report options available, CARES provides a comprehensive view of where your organization stands, how it is performing, and in which direction you need to go to achieve your goals. People, processes, and practices will all be made accountable, and opportunities for improvement will become crystal clear.

How Is This Possible?

You'll gain ability to justify and support strategic decisions that impact not just call center operations, but the entire organization, with accurate real-time and historical data answering questions such as:

  • What types of calls are we getting?
  • Where should we focus training efforts?
  • Where to invest in technology?
  • How much staff is really needed?
  • Who are my top performers, and what do they do differently?
  • What processes may be automated?

CARES solutions can bring you heightened efficiency, enhanced customer service, and bottom-line savings. CARES Reporting helps you make the decisions that will ensure those benefits are delivered.

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