Superior Service, Right on Queue

Like many companies, you receive a fair amount of calls that might be considered routine, perhaps even redundant. What’s my account balance, my service is out, when is my bill due, as examples. For many organizations, these calls make up to 50% of their daily volume, jamming call queues and occupying professional staff whose skills could be better utilized elsewhere.

As part of CenturionCARES call center software, CARES ProSpeak quickly and automatically resolves these redundant requests, offloading the calls and providing agents more time for higher-value customer interactions. By reducing call times, wait times, and abandoned call rates, ProSpeak shifts your operational efficiency into high gear.

Proactive Customer Service

As a fully integrated solution, ProSpeak’s unique capabilities include:

  • Interacts with your Core/CIS to authenticate callers while they wait in queue.
  • Once customer is verified, the system announces real time information such as current account balance, balance due date, and recent transactions.
  • Announcements are tailored to your business and may include known service outages, past due notices, bill payment options or marketing announcements.
  • Customer verification and account data populated on receiving agent’s screen to promote warm greeting and expedient, personalized service.

ProSpeak boosts efficiency by presenting pertinent information to your customers, while preserving time for your staff to deliver superior service experiences.

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