Efficient and Friendly Customer Service

Every customer inquiry over the phone follows the same basic workflow. The caller Identifies themselves, the agent verifies and then the agent answers the caller's questions - so each call is wrapped up or next steps.

As your agent verifies the caller, the agent pulls up the customer profile. Manually typing this information and pulling up the profile takes an average of 30 seconds. This step in the agent workflow can and needs to be automated.

Automating this step requires a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) link as well as professional services and integration from a team of experts. CenturionCARES call center software provides both of these components right out of box with Screen Pop.

Screen Pop not only saves you time, but allows for a warm hand off to help strengthen customer satisfaction, and is used in over 150 help desk and customer service environments.

Make Your Big Data Bigger

Screen Pop interacts with your core system or CIS to “pop” the caller’s profile onto the assisting agent's screen as the call is being connected. Information presented can include:

  • Caller ID and account status
  • Caller authentication notice
  • Security questions answered (to avoid repetition)
  • Call history and notes 

Fast & Friendly Service

Screen Pop is most commonly used with the agent’s pre-recorded greeting, allowing time for a quick review of the data while a warm introduction is delivered. Not only does this set the tone for a more expedient and positive service experience, it effectively saves 20 seconds per call on average. Screen Pop can turn a little information into a big customer service success.

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