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Call Center Best Practices Software: Virtual Hold Call Back

Your Call Really Is Important

With every incoming call comes an opportunity. For you, if you make the connection, for your competition if you don’t.  Why just say “Your call is important” when you can show that it’s important?  CARES Virtual Hold Call Back allows your callers to benefit from technology, rather than be a slave to it.

Long hold times routinely head the list of customer frustrations. In fact, 35-40% of abandoned calls never call back, taking the opportunity elsewhere. By giving callers the power to choose waiting or automated call back, you’ll demonstrate a respect for their time and a focus on superior service.

Hold On to Every Opportunity

As part of CenturionCARES call center software, Virtual Hold Call Back offers benefits appreciated by callers, staff and managers alike:

  • Reduces hold times, handle times and abandoned rates
  • Raises service levels, productivity and morale  
  • Levels the peaks and valleys of call volume
  • Strengthens brand reputation and loyalty
  • Minimizes caller effort and frustration
  • Promotes warmer reception, more customized services

CARES Virtual Hold Call Back helps you alleviate caller frustration and recapture those important opportunities before they’re gone for good.

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