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Call Center Best Practices Software: Notes for CRM

More Informed Agents Are More Efficient Agents

Have you ever run into someone that you've previously met, but they don't have any recollection of you or the prior interaction? The encounter probably left you with a somewhat awkward and diminished feeling. That’s the feeling your customers get when each call to your business or each transfer to a different department is like an entirely new conversation. Certainly not the ideal way to earn the trust and loyalty of those customers.

CARES Notes for CRM provides what most CORE data systems don't – a centralized depository that bridges the communication gaps, presenting your support team a holistic view of your customers in real time. Keeping your agents, supervisors, and authorized personnel abreast of all customer interactions dramatically improves your Customer Relationship Management by delivering a friendly, helpful, and personalized experience for your customers.

CARES Notes allows call agents to highlight important information from each customer interaction and share it system wide. Notes can integrate with your existing CRM platform to pop all of the caller’s information to the agents screen, enabling them to quickly identify and address the caller's concerns. No need for the caller to reintroduce themselves with every new contact and start their story all over again. Along with driving greater operating efficiency, having well-informed and empowered agents helps mitigate the frustrations – for both caller and agent – and leads to a higher percentage of one-call resolutions. Should the agent need to transfer the call to another department, the caller's information goes right along with them, allowing the conversation to continue seamlessly. Your customers will be appreciative for being recognized and remembered, and you’ll be rewarded with their continued loyalty. 

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