Boost Customer Loyalty with Proactive Communication

Proactive communication has proven to be a great tool for building customer trust and loyalty, as well as for improving the efficiency of contact center operations. The Outbound Notification functionality of CARES call center software delivers on both points by proactively delivering important messages to customers as well as making optimal use of call agents' time. Outbound calls are initiated from a list automatically and deliver a pre-recorded message with the option of transferring the call to a live agent, offloading mundane tasks and allowing agents to spend more time on higher-value assignments. The speaking portion of outbound notification is easily managed to enable simple additions or edits to scripts.

Applications for Outbound Notification include new member welcome, past due or delinquent notices, marketing and special event notices, system outages and emergency announcements. Applying CARES Survey in conjunction with Outbound Notification is a great way for organizations to touch base with clients and receive feedback to aid in their training and Quality Assurance efforts. Both the Outbound Notification and Survey solutions include a user-friendly GUI drag and drop tool kit, allowing for quick and easy deployment, particularly important for time-sensitive announcements. 

Outbound Notification Features & Benefits

  • Leverage CenturionCARES' robust infrastructure
  • Enables proactive customer outreach
  • Supports multiple campaigns
  • Low cost and high ROI
  • Post campaign reporting
  • Call list preparation
  • Fast call set-up
  • Detection of busy call/answering machine/no answer
  • Status upload

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