Increase customer outreach efficiency by 400%!

In manual dialing environments, a call center agent will spend an average of 80% of their time listening to a phone ringing repeatedly, getting answering machine messages, or dealing with invalid numbers. Only about 20% of their time is actually spent doing what they are paid to do, talking to customers. Using a predictive dialer to filter out these unproductive calls can help call centers reverse that situation. Agents will be able to spend on up to 80% of their time talking to customers and just 20% waiting for the next call. That's a 400% increase in productivity!

The CenturionCARES Predictive Dialer solution will support large volumes of campaign entries and handle unlimited database accesses. Calls are connected to an agent only upon detecting a human voice, with the pace dynamically adjusted based on actual call completion percentages. The core of our solution is our predictive dialing engine which is built on a robust pacing algorithm that guarantees highly accurate call progress detection, and ensures rapid screen-pops and lightning fast voice connects to your call center agents.

CenturionCARES Predictive Dialer is popular with business to consumer (B2C) companies or any organization that needs to contact and speak to numerous people by telephone, such as market survey and debt collection companies. Financial institutions and government agencies are among those that find predictive dialers to be a quick and efficient way to automate a variety of calls such as new customer welcomes, customer service call backs, and appointment confirmations. And by maximizing the productivity of your most valuable assets – your call center staff – Predictive Dialer is a cost-effective solution that provides a very budget-friendly ROI.

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