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Customer Service You Can Bank On

Forward-thinking financial institutions understand that opportunities may be fleeting, so capitalizing on each one is vital. So is going above customer expectations, which continue to escalate. Instant, personalized experiences are the new norm. That’s why it's increasingly important to have a call center software solution that can keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of your business.

More and more, financial firms, are finding the solution with CARES Call Center Software. Since its founding in 1981, CenturionCARES has optimized customer and member experiences for hundreds of leading banks, credit unions, savings and loans, mortgage houses, and other financial institutions throughout the country. Our financial integrated voice response (IVR) and automatic call distribution (ACD) solutions are designed specifically for financial applications and are always tailored to compliment the organization’s unique culture and standards, whether through automated or live agent interaction. Having the flexibility to simply add features and functionality gives our financial partners the confidence of knowing their customers’ needs will always be met and that expensive and disruptive system replacement will never be an issue. CARES is a safe investment that pays high yields.

Data-Driven Efficiency

Your contact center agents will benefit from streamlined workflows that boost productivity and satisfaction while enabling a heightened level of service for your valued customers and members. Managers will have intuitive tools to train, monitor, and support contact center operations. CARES also allows you to gather, report, and analyze extensive data that provides a well-informed map to success.

Inside The CARES Vault

Financial institutions will recognize the value of a number of CARES ACD and IVR features designed to reduce wait times and abandoned calls, increase the success of their collections, and bring accountability to their Quality Assurance program. CARES will help you:

  • Provide PCI compliant self-services such as account information, check deposits, loan status updates, pin/password resets and more with convenient 24/7 access
  • Authenticate callers and deliver account, deposit, and transaction information while they wait in queue. This feature reduces call times and call volumes, as redundant account inquiries (up to 50% of calls) are satisfied and the call is completed prior to reaching an agent.
  • Make more efficient use of your staff’s time and talent with features such as Skills-Based and Collections Routing, and Courtesy Call Back
  • Promote streamlined workflows and allow agents to provide more expedient and personalized customer experiences with Screen Pop, Call Tracking, and Notes.
  • Improve collections with automated late notices (ONS), Predictive Dialer and Multi-Line functions
  • Ensure protocol compliance and strengthen accountability with Call Audio and Video Recording
  • Boost QA efforts with Call Monitoring, Agent Scorecard and Integrated Customer Survey
  • Maximize time savings with targeted upsell opportunities, strengthened customer relationships
  • Collect, report and apply key data to 
  • stimulate better business decisions

For forward-thinking financial institutions, CARES is the customer service solution that moves forward with you.


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Doing More With Less

With unemployment and under-employment prevailing and rental prices steadily increasing, a growing number of citizens are turning to public housing for safe, affordable accommodations. Housing Authorities across the country assist millions of families seeking affordable housing. On a daily basis these agencies handle hundreds of redundant phone calls from citizens seeking information relative to their accounts or their status on a waiting list.

And while the applicant list continues to grow ever longer, the agency struggles to keep pace, tasked with doing more with less people. Budget restrictions have stifled the addition of new employees, the acquisition of new technology, and the upgrade of old equipment. As a result, callers often experience long and frustrating waits to speak to someone and get the help they need.

CenturionCARES recognizes the challenges these agencies are facing, striving to sustain a superior level of service while keeping costs to a minimum. And after three and half decades of working with similar situations, CenturionCARES has solutions that can help.

A key component of doing more with less is the automation of redundant communications. Allowing the system to answer redundant inquiries frees up the Housing Authority personnel to engage in more personalized interactions and apply the unique skills they have acquired through their specialized training.  The staff will be more productive and satisfied in their work, which translates into better service and higher customer satisfaction.

CenturionCARES offers Housing Authorities a full portfolio of Contact Center solutions as well as self-service IVR applications that provide the convenience of 24/7 service. All our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems and offer the flexibility to grow and evolve as your needs change with simple software additions. Whatever combination of services you require, both you and your customers will appreciate the benefits of automated communications, such as:

  • Mitigates the expense, time, and uncertainly of postal mail delivery.
  • Automated reminder calls free up skilled personnel to work on higher value tasks.
  • Delivers calls outside of office hours, when clients may be easier to reach.
  • Reduces appointment no-shows with timely notifications.
  • Lessens inbound call volume by proactively reaching out to clients before they call you.
  • Delivers past due rent reminders efficiently without tying up valuable resources.

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How “smart” is your call center?

As the Internet of Things, smart meters, smart appliances and the power grid converge to become the Smart Grid – more robust, efficient, economical and responsive to consumer demand – can you say the same for your call center?  After all, those engineering miracles occurring in the background are virtually invisible to your customers.  All they know about is the experience they have when they reach out for assistance.  Whether or not you’re part of the revolution in electric distribution, or gas, or water, your call center agents need to be as reliable and responsive as your distribution – more so – as they are on the front lines when that system goes wrong.

CARES is the Smart Choice

The CARES suite of integrated customer service software helps level the expected daily and seasonal spikes in your call center traffic, while deftly managing unanticipated outage-related spikes. Through both automated and live agent interactions, our efficiency-boosting solutions improve productivity and throughput, while facilitating responsive, quality service, in a secure, PCI certified environment.

With new features and functionality added through simple software upgrades, CARES grows right along with your organization, so you will never face the massive hassles and expense of complete system replacement.  Pretty Smart!

For nearly four decades, CenturionCARES has been partnering with utilities both public and private, co-ops and investor owned, serving gas, electric and municipalities.  Developing, integrating, and supporting Customer Service and Member Service solutions CARES Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software creates a fully integrated communications solution that delivers significantly improved operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service experiences. Pretty smart!


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With the ever increasing costs of medical services, healthcare providers are under pressure to provide patient-centered healthcare services. An efficient infrastructure to support organization’s clinical and business needs has always been a quest for health providers that want to obtain competitive advantage in the market place. Healthcare providers also need to be sure that the health information technology solutions address regulatory requirements regarding security and privacy of patient information. In a situation like this, here are some pressing questions that the executives in the industry are trying to address:

How Do I Increase Customer Retention Ratio?

Centurion understands that the customer satisfaction is the key for sustained growth of healthcare providers. With a thorough understanding of the expectations of the parties involved in healthcare supply chain, Centurion helps healthcare employees consistently meet such expectations to keep all parties happy. CARES call center best practices solution, with an emphasis on higher service delivery quality, enables the healthcare organizations to shift the paradigm towards improving revenue performance and obtaining higher profit margins.

How CARES Helps

CARES enables health care call centers to gain and apply insights from customer interactions with features that help:

  • Improve customer experience through feedbacks and surveys
  • Enhance call quality and optimize call distribution
  • Monitor performance through reports
  • Automate patient appointment reminders and verification
  • Provide Bill or Claim Status
  • Route calls to departments and staff
  • Supply information such as Test Results, Order Prescriptions and Health Benefits

How Do I Respond to Change Quickly & Easily?

Up to date information is one of the key attributes customers consider while choosing a healthcare provider. Promptness and accuracy of information over the call when they contact their health care provider about their bills, plan coverage and other issues is a key concern to the customers. Responding effectively requires that the calls are answered by the division/staff that has access to the right information.

How CARES Helps

To maximize employee productivity and promote a satisfying customer experience, CARES™ helps health care call centers accurately align staff resources with customer demands and ensure prompt and consistent handling of customer inquiries including:

  • Service request resolution at the first attempt
  • Reduced time to handle calls
  • Screen recording
  • Workforce management

How Do I Comply with Ever Changing Regulations?

Health care providers are faced with a growing number of regulations in each business cycle. As a result, customer interactions that occur over all the channels have to be monitored and recorded to make sure the communication standards meet compliance requirements. Compliance to such regulations also helps the healthcare providers to resolve possible allegations of impropriety. Patient personal information, clinical information and other sensitive information must be protected from accidental or wrongful disclosure. 

How CARES Helps

CARES allows providers to adhere with regulatory compliance standards by recording calls, protecting sensitive information and making sure employees follow well defined service processes and procedures. CARES helps health care call centers to capture and store customer interactions, monitor and manage employee performance, and safeguard patient and client information with:

  • Data Security
  • Call Archiving
  • E-Branch Solutions

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The insurance industry strives to provide information and service while controlling costs to remain competitive. Centurion's CARES call center best practice software helps provide self-service options for those insurance companies that can benefit from the software solution to free-up internal resources that enhance your clients experience. It can be used to:

1. File an accident claim, or any other claim, using a registered phone number or Policy ID and provide the claimant with a unique Claim ID
2. Get the status of an insurance claim, or use outbound calling to alert a client of an update on existing claims
3. Allow a general insurance inquiry to be entered into the system and give the caller the option of speaking with an agent immediately based on caller location
4. Alert for upcoming premium payments helping to reduce deliquency and avoid client late payment fees
5. Direct callers to their assigned agent based on the phone number that they are calling from (once it is registered in the system) allowing for VIP treatment of your clients
6. Hear current investment balances, transfer funds between funds, get current rates etc.
7. Request insurance rates on all products
8. Provide Proof of Insurance: The caller is prompted for their policy number and the system generates a Proof of Insurance form that is mailed, faxed, or emailed to the contact information of record

The Centurion, Inc. “Inquiry System” is designed for Insurance applications, providing freedom to enable transactions from any touch-tone telephone, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  If a customer doesn’t have a touch-tone telephone, the system can be configured to offer Speech Recognition. Next Teller successfully completes the tasks traditionally done by your staff. Now your staff can be assigned to tasks that require personalized service.

Next Teller is a module of the CARES™ IFCS Call Center Solution. IFCS or Integrated Financial Communications Solution is a call center suite that allows your Insurance Company to meet the needs of the growing Policy Holder base. Centurion’s CARES Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides numerous advanced communications services to Policy Holder or potential customer callers to ensure the level of service desired by your Insurance Company is made available to the caller, during crisis or for general policy questions.

Policy Holder recognition, routing of the Policy Holder to the agent best equipped to handle the call, automated display of the Policy Holders record and CRM, call monitoring and recording, and expanded channels of caller communications to include electronic mail, fax, voice messages left while in queue, and web chat are representation of the advanced communications services supported by the CARES ACD to help increase profits while at the same time better handling all incoming communications.

Centurion's CARES Location Assistance enables insurance customers to conveniently find the office or agent closest to them.

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Servicing Your Taxpayers

CenturionCARES  is a United States-based corporation that has been providing Federal, State, and Local Agencies the tools necessary to “do more with less” while still providing a superior customer experience to their tax payers. 

For nearly four decades CARES has been developing, integrating and implementing IVR for self-service, ACD for customer service infrastructure, and Outbound Dialing solutions for efficient use of time. We are different due to the fact that the platforms that we deliver are our own! 

Integration Is Key

CARES is a single source solution that is fully integrated within itself and is fully integrated by CenturionCARES into your agency’s telecommunications and information systems environments.

This means that you as an agency will be able to find the information and reports you need, when you need them. Measure the quality of service and service levels with reports, recordings, workflows, and feedback from your customers, the taxpayers. Provide your agency with the infrastructure to protect your performance goals even when you are short staffed, as well as protect valuable tax payer dollars and information with our anti-fraud platform.

CenturionCARES is a company that strives to give you and yours the best.

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