Customer Service You Can Bank On

In today's world of truly global commerce and hyper-reactive financial markets, standing still can only get you further behind. Forward thinking financial institutions understand that opportunities for growth may be fleeting, so capitalizing on each and every one is vital to their success. While the focus of industry leaders hasn't changed – expanding customer relationships – the way to go about it has. As customer expectations continue to escalate and instant, personalized experiences become the new norm, it's increasingly important to have a call center software solution that can keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of your business.

For a growing number of financial firms, CARES Call Center Software is the solution. Since its founding in 1981, CenturionCARES has optimized customer and member experiences for hundreds of banks, credit unions, savings and loans, mortgage houses and other financial institutions throughout the country. Our financial integrated voice response (IVR) and automatic call distribution (ACD) solutions are designed specifically for financial applications and are always tailored to compliment the organization’s unique culture and standards, whether through automated or live agent interaction. Having the flexibility to add features and functionality with simple software upgrades gives our financial partners the confidence of knowing their customers’ needs will always be met and that expensive and disruptive system replacement will never be an issue. CARES is a safe investment that pays high yields.

Data-Driven Efficiency

CARES software provides the infrastructure on which to build your customer service offerings, and the vital data to help you maximize their results. Your contact center agents will benefit from streamlined workflows that boost their productivity and satisfaction, and enable a heightened level of service for your valued customers and members. Managers will not only have the tools to train, monitor, and support contact center operations, they'll have the time they need to do it right. CARES also allows you to gather, report and analyze extensive data that provides a well-informed roadmap to success.

Inside The CARES Vault

Financial institutions will recognize the value of a number of CARES ACD and IVR features designed to reduce wait times and abandoned calls, increase the success of their collections agents, and bring accountability to their Quality Assurance program. CARES will help you:

  • Provide PCI compliant self-services such as account information, check deposits, loan status updates, pin/password resets and more with convenient 24/7 access
  • Authenticate callers and deliver account, deposit, and transaction information while they wait in queue. This feature reduces call times and call volumes, as redundant account inquiries (up to 50% of calls) are satisfied and the call is completed prior to reaching an agent.
  • Make more efficient use of your staff’s time and talent with features such as Skills-Based and Collections Routing, and Virtual Hold Call Back  
  • Promote streamlined workflows and allow agents to provide more expedient and personalized customer experiences with Screen Pop, Call Tracking, and Collaboration (Notes)
  • Improve collections with automated late notices (ONS), Predictive Dialer and Multi-Line functions
  • Ensure protocol compliance and strengthen accountability with Call Audio and Video Recording
  • Boost QA efforts with Call Monitoring, Agent Scorecard and Integrated Customer Survey
  • Maximize time savings with targeted upsell opportunities, strengthened customer relationships
  • Collect, report and apply key data to stimulate better business decisions

For forward thinking financial institutions, CARES is the customer service solution that moves forward with you.

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