Servicing Your Taxpayers

CenturionCARES  is a United States-based corporation that has been providing Federal, State, and Local Agencies the tools necessary to “do more with less” while still providing a superior customer experience to their tax payers. 

For nearly four decades CARES has been developing, integrating and implementing IVR for self-service, ACD for customer service infrastructure, and Outbound Dialing solutions for efficient use of time. We are different due to the fact that the platforms that we deliver are our own! 

Integration Is Key

CARES is a single source solution that is fully integrated within itself and is fully integrated by CenturionCARES into your agency’s telecommunications and information systems environments.

This means that you as an agency will be able to find the information and reports you need, when you need them. Measure the quality of service and service levels with reports, recordings, workflows, and feedback from your customers, the taxpayers. Provide your agency with the infrastructure to protect your performance goals even when you are short staffed, as well as protect valuable tax payer dollars and information with our anti-fraud platform.

CenturionCARES is a company that strives to give you and yours the best.

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