Doing More With Less

With unemployment and under-employment prevailing and rental prices steadily increasing, a growing number of citizens are turning to public housing for safe, affordable accommodations. Housing Authorities across the country assist millions of families seeking affordable housing. On a daily basis these agencies handle hundreds of redundant phone calls from citizens seeking information relative to their accounts or their status on a waiting list.

And while the applicant list continues to grow ever longer, the agency struggles to keep pace, tasked with doing more with less people. Budget restrictions have stifled the addition of new employees, the acquisition of new technology, and the upgrade of old equipment. As a result, callers often experience long and frustrating waits to speak to someone and get the help they need.

CenturionCARES recognizes the challenges these agencies are facing, striving to sustain a superior level of service while keeping costs to a minimum. And after three and half decades of working with similar situations, CenturionCARES has solutions that can help.

A key component of doing more with less is the automation of redundant communications. Allowing the system to answer redundant inquiries frees up the Housing Authority personnel to engage in more personalized interactions and apply the unique skills they have acquired through their specialized training.  The staff will be more productive and satisfied in their work, which translates into better service and higher customer satisfaction.

CenturionCARES offers Housing Authorities a full portfolio of Contact Center solutions as well as self-service IVR applications that provide the convenience of 24/7 service. All our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems and offer the flexibility to grow and evolve as your needs change with simple software additions. Whatever combination of services you require, both you and your customers will appreciate the benefits of automated communications, such as:

  • Mitigates the expense, time, and uncertainly of postal mail delivery.
  • Automated reminder calls free up skilled personnel to work on higher value tasks.
  • Delivers calls outside of office hours, when clients may be easier to reach.
  • Reduces appointment no-shows with timely notifications.
  • Lessens inbound call volume by proactively reaching out to clients before they call you.
  • Delivers past due rent reminders efficiently without tying up valuable resources.

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