The insurance industry strives to provide information and service while controlling costs to remain competitive. Centurion's CARES call center best practice software helps provide self-service options for those insurance companies that can benefit from the software solution to free-up internal resources that enhance your clients experience. It can be used to:

1. File an accident claim, or any other claim, using a registered phone number or Policy ID and provide the claimant with a unique Claim ID
2. Get the status of an insurance claim, or use outbound calling to alert a client of an update on existing claims
3. Allow a general insurance inquiry to be entered into the system and give the caller the option of speaking with an agent immediately based on caller location
4. Alert for upcoming premium payments helping to reduce deliquency and avoid client late payment fees
5. Direct callers to their assigned agent based on the phone number that they are calling from (once it is registered in the system) allowing for VIP treatment of your clients
6. Hear current investment balances, transfer funds between funds, get current rates etc.
7. Request insurance rates on all products
8. Provide Proof of Insurance: The caller is prompted for their policy number and the system generates a Proof of Insurance form that is mailed, faxed, or emailed to the contact information of record

The Centurion, Inc. “Inquiry System” is designed for Insurance applications, providing freedom to enable transactions from any touch-tone telephone, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  If a customer doesn’t have a touch-tone telephone, the system can be configured to offer Speech Recognition. Next Teller successfully completes the tasks traditionally done by your staff. Now your staff can be assigned to tasks that require personalized service.

Next Teller is a module of the CARES™ IFCS Call Center Solution. IFCS or Integrated Financial Communications Solution is a call center suite that allows your Insurance Company to meet the needs of the growing Policy Holder base. Centurion’s CARES Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides numerous advanced communications services to Policy Holder or potential customer callers to ensure the level of service desired by your Insurance Company is made available to the caller, during crisis or for general policy questions.

Policy Holder recognition, routing of the Policy Holder to the agent best equipped to handle the call, automated display of the Policy Holders record and CRM, call monitoring and recording, and expanded channels of caller communications to include electronic mail, fax, voice messages left while in queue, and web chat are representation of the advanced communications services supported by the CARES ACD to help increase profits while at the same time better handling all incoming communications.

Centurion's CARES Location Assistance enables insurance customers to conveniently find the office or agent closest to them.

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