CARES Courtesy Callback

Ease frustrations and improve service experiences by eliminating hold times. Good for your agents, good for your customers!

How it works

CE Courtesy Callback

Call Volume Is High, all your agents are busy and your customers are waiting on hold.

Customers don’t have to wait on hold. They have the option to get a callback without losing their place in the queue.

Customers have options. They can choose a callback as soon as an agent is available or schedule one for a more convenient time.

When an agent becomes available, the callback is automatically initiated and the customer is connected with an agent who is familiar with her/his reason for calling and has their account history.

The customer receives a callback in the same amount of time as they would have waited on hold.

Courtesy Callback offers benefits appreciated by callers, staff and managers alike:

  • Reduces hold times, handle times and abandoned rates
  • Raises service levels, productivity and morale  
  • Levels the peaks and valleys of call volume
  • Strengthens brand reputation and loyalty
  • Minimizes caller effort and frustration
  • Promotes warmer reception, more customized services

CARES Courtesy Call Back helps you alleviate caller frustration and recapture those important opportunities before they’re gone for good.

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