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CARES for Service: Protect Your Resources, Protect Your Brand

The Evolution of Customer Service

Just as your business has evolved, so has your manner of customer contact.  While you’ve added a web site, mobile app, IVR, and social media outlets, the phone remains your customer’s most utilized channel. Is your call center evolving along with your customers’ service demands?

CARES For the Evolution & Beyond

With instant gratification the new norm, customer expectations have risen dramatically. Your ability to exceed expectations will distinguish you in your market. Designed as a fully integrated, scalable platform that grows to match the needs of your business, CARES call center software will help you exceed the escalating service demands both now and in the future.

CARES Resource Protection

CARES optimizes your customer service by protecting your most valuable resources; your time, talent and brand.

  • Time for supervisors to monitor call center operations, properly train staff, and make well-informed decisions.
  • Time for staff to develop skills and streamline workflows, making them more productive and satisfied.
  • Time for happy agents and effective managers to deliver superior service experiences that will protect your brand’s solid reputation.

 CARES Roadmap to Service Excellence

  • Efficiency features include Pre-Authentication, ProSpeak, Screen Pop, and Virtual Hold Call Back.
  • CARES IVR mimics live agent experience to offload redundant calls (up to 50% of total calls).
  • Collaboration unifies disparate data sources and departments for improved communications.
  • Reporting and Quality Assurance tools help fine tune and shorten your onboarding and training.

Wherever the evolving road to customer service excellence takes you, CARES will help you get there.


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