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CARES for Growth: Opportunity in Every Interaction

Opportunity to Grow

For your organization to succeed, your customer service staff needs to be empowered and armed to exploit every growth opportunity.  CARES software applies call center best practices to make all your agents better, and make your better agents great.

More Time = More Opportunity

What every growing company wants are customer service agents that are trained, motivated, and accountable. What every growing company lacks is the time to make it happen. CARES maximizes your time with efficiency boosting solutions including:

  • Pre-Authentication, ProSpeak, and Screen Pop can shave 2 minutes or more off of each call
  • Virtual Hold Call Back recaptures opportunities that may have been lost to call abandonment
  • CARES IVR can offload your most redundant calls completely
  • CARES Predictive Dialer allows agents more productive time talking to customers
  • CARES Multi-line means opportunities are never lost to busy lines

Time to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

The extra time allows agents to proactively explore upsell and cross sell opportunities that languish in reactive, service only scenarios.  Managers have time to use CARES Call Monitoring, Recording, and Surveys to identify areas for improvement and optimize QA training.

In short, CARES provides your organization with more time, more skills, and more opportunities, to transform your customer service agents into a sales force to be reckoned with. 

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