Do this story sound familiar? We know of a credit union that pays $20-30k per month in overflow costs. They send calls to a third party call center at the 4-minute hold mark. The worst part: credit union members get transferred back if the third-party call center can’t answer their questions!

If you've experienced anything similar to that scenario, we’ve got a question for you.  What if you could reinvest what you spend on call overflow back into your call center operation? With CARES call center best practices software, your agents get the tools they need to handle rising call volumes with greater efficiency, making expensive overflow coverage a thing of the past.

How Is This Possible?

Reduce Calls by as much as 50% with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

CARES IVR integrates into your existing phone system and your core platform/data source to audibly share real-time account information, public service announcements, marketing promotions, and other information with your callers.

A carefully designed IVR can reduce call volumes by up to 50% as common inquiries are satisfied while callers wait on hold and the calls are quickly offloaded from the queue. IVR is a long-standing and widely accepted form of call center automation and its user-friendliness helps it remain a comfortable and popular communication channel not only with the Baby Boomers who were the first to experience it, but with callers of all ages.

Offload Redundant Calls with ProSpeak

The seamless integration of CARES into Core networks or customer information systems (CIS) makes pertinent information available to callers while they wait in queue. Once pre-authentication is completed, the system delivers an announcement tailored to that specific customer, allowing them to drop off the call if they’ve received the requested information, or continue to wait for live agent assistance. ProSpeak announcements for Financial Institutions may include account balances, last deposit, recent transactions, or checks cleared. Utilities may use ProSpeak to announce service interruptions, estimated restore times, and past due notices. As with any CARES solution, ProSpeak may be customized for various applications such as Insurance, Healthcare, Housing Authorities, and other government agencies, to name a few.

Time Is Money

With These CARES efficiency-boosting features reducing call volumes by up to 50%, the excessive cost of overflow call coverage will become a thing of the past.

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