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We have more experience designing and implementing contact center solutions than anyone. One of our greatest assets is our staff of highly qualified engineers, technical, and support personnel. Be it software development, systems interfacing, installation, training and post-sale support. Our staff’s expertise expands beyond the individual operating systems by interfacing with mainframe, LAN and PC-based hardware and software systems.


  • System integrators and experience
  • Vertical expertise and solutions (self-service, contact center, integration, gateway)
  • Company commitment


Consulting Offered

  • Integration expertise
  • Review of self-service practices
  • Review of contact center practices and KPI goals.

Why CenturionCARES

CenturionCARES was founded in 1981 as a systems integrator, writing software that allowed new systems to communicate efficiently with legacy systems. Our staff’s extensive software and hardware expertise has driven our expansion into multiple vertical markets and multiple solution offerings (self-service, contact center, = legacy system modernization). Four decades later, we have more experience designing, installing, and integrating contact center solutions than any other provider – large or small.

Holistic Consultation

Working with CenturionCARES begins with a consultative process that results in a shared understanding of your business objectives and our ability to help you achieve them. You will benefit from value-added services including:

  • Comprehensive integration expertise
  • Analysis of self-service best practices
  • Analysis of contact center best practices
  • Tying key KPIs into business objectives
  • Sole-source provider minimizes hassle of vendor management

Project Implementation

Kick-Off / Introduction

  • Introduce team members.
  • Understand project background, key drivers, and goals.
  • Establish format for clear communication and status updates.

Requirements Analysis and Planning

  • Analyze current process and technologies.
  • Identify any external milestones.
  • Identify and assign client resources.
  • Create high level solution design with risks and mitigations.
  • Establish timelines and deliverables.
  • Create and get approval on business requirements document and project plan.


  • Develop solution based on BRD.
  • Identify test data cases needed.
  • Create QA and UA testing plans.


Quality Assurance

  • Perform internal testing based on plan and data.
  • Review any issues and risks.

User Acceptance

  • Create UAT testing environment.

  • Train client resources for successful testing.

  • Review any issues and risks.

  • Get approval from client on solution.



Work with client and third-party vendors on deployment plan.