Call center studies have consistently ranked Agent attrition as the #1 challenge facing call centers. Factors such as short staffing, insufficient training, and callers frustrated by long hold times help create a high-stress environment and a revolving door of call center employees.

Now consider the true cost of high turnover – not only the dollars spent  on recruiting, training and HR support in an effort to maintain the right staffing levels – but also the cost of service level degradation that inevitably occurs in these situations. Can you really be sure that quality service and customer retention are unaffected by the agent merry-go-round in your call center? How much would it mean to your business if agent turnover was significantly reduced?

An investment in CARES is an investment in staff stability. CARES call center best practices software gives your agents the tools to be productive and successful, enhancing their job satisfaction and minimizing the costs of high turnover, training and service level erosion.

How Is This Possible?

Shrink Call Times by 30-60+ Seconds with Pre-Authentication

CARES can streamline the authentication process by prompting callers to enter their account number, social security number, birth dates, or other pre-determined qualifiers while they wait in queue. When the call is accepted by the assisting agent, an alert appears on their dashboard signaling the authentication has been successfully completed. This allows them to begin servicing the customer immediately and bypass the time-consuming process of manually inputting the required data. Particularly valuable during high call volume periods or short-staffed situations, CARES Pre-Authentication will typically shave 30 to 60 seconds off of every call.

Minimize Frustration with Efficiency Boosting Screen Pop & Automated Agent Greeting

The assisting agent’s desktop is populated with the customer’s profile as the agent receives the call. As the information is briefly reviewed, both the customer and agent hear the agent's friendly pre-recorded greeting, which sets the tone for a positive customer service experience. Automating the greeting and delivering account information in a timely manner enables warmer interactions and expedient resolutions, saving 20 seconds or more per call.

Lower Abandon Rate with Virtual Hold Call Back

Did you know that 40% of abandoned calls never come back? Who can afford that level of customer attrition and lost opportunities?

With CARES Virtual Hold Call Back, callers are given the option of providing their phone numbers and hanging up, giving them the freedom to do something more productive than waiting on hold. CARES maintains their position and automatically calls back when their position reaches the top of the queue. After confirming that they still need assistance, the system connects them to the next available agent. Virtual Hold Call Back protects your customer’s time, protects your agent's time, and protects your business from losing valuable opportunities.

Time Is Money

Empowering your agents with CARES features and functionality can dramatically reduce call volumes by saving 1-2 minutes per call, while also eliminating the need for expensive overflow call support.

Consider this scenario where calls can be shortened by at least 30 seconds. For a call center that takes 20,000 calls a month, that's a savings of 10,000 minutes, or about 167 call agent hours, every month. Think about what you could do with that level of productivity increase! It's the equivalent of boosting your agent workforce by 25%.

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