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Delivering market-leading solutions since 1981.  We work with the leading banks and credit unions in the U.S. to deliver superior business outcomes. Our experience ensures outstanding customer experience for your organization


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Ensuring your customers are talking to the right people is one of the most important factors in achieving debt recovery and lending goals.  CARES ACD is designed specifically for financial applications and your need


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Voice contacts remain the most effective way to handle more complex discussions. Increasingly people prefer to interact with companies via online channels. CARES unifies all your channels in one easy platform.


Global commerce. Hyper-reactive markets. High unemployment. Regulatory burdens.

Add in consumer expectations for instant, personalized service, and you begin to understand the many challenges today’s financial institutions face in their lending and collections operations.  In an environment where people seldom answer phone calls, new methods and techniques are required. 

CARES keeps you ahead of the competition by continuously advancing new contact center technology designed specifically for banks and credit unions. With live agent and automated solutions that improve communications efficiency and boost recovery rates, CARES delivers guaranteed ROI for forward-thinking financial institutions.

Contact Centers No Longer Need To Be A Weak Link For Compliance And Security

CARES Solutions Let Agents Focus More On The Customer 


  • CARES PCI-DSS compliant solutions

  • Auto or Manual recording pause of sensitive data

  • Track all agents in the contact center who access sensitive information

  • Easy script access for following set regulatory paths

  • Supervisor monitoring both voice & screen

  • Easily retrieve calls using  traditional filters such as date, time, extension, calling number plus additional convenient fields like account number, contact type, survey and more

  • Ability to separate call flows

CARES Contact Center Technology -  What It Can Do For You


  • Build Productivity

  • Increase Lending Take Rates & Debt Recovery

  • Improve Customer Experience - Grow Your Business

Information Is Power

Information is power, but only when it is used advantageously. CARES Reports help you easily gather, analyze, and present extensive data,

opening new worlds of opportunities and providing a well-informed roadmap to success.

Key data will shape the structure of streamlined workflows that boost agent productivity and satisfaction,

while enabling a more personalized service experience for your customers and members.

Timely and accurate information will benefit Managers as well, allowing more efficient, targeted monitoring, training, and support of contact center operations.

CARES ACD and IVR features for financial Institutions

Designed to reduce wait times and abandoned calls, increase collections and bring accountability CARES will help you:

Provide PCI certified self-services such as account information, check deposits, loan status updates, pin/password resets and more with convenient 24/7 access.

Authenticate callers and deliver account, deposit, and transaction information while they wait in queue. This feature reduces call times and call volumes, as redundant account inquiries (up to 50% of calls) are satisfied and the call is completed prior to reaching an agent.

Make more efficient use of your staff’s time and talent with features such as Skills-Based and Collections Routing, and Virtual Hold Call Back Promote streamlined workflows and allow agents to provide more expedient and personalized customer experiences with Screen Pop, Call Tracking, and Collaboration (Notes).


  • Improve collections with automated late notices (ONS), Predictive Dialer and Multi-Line functions.
  • Ensure protocol compliance and strengthen accountability with Call Audio and Video Recording.
  • Boost QA efforts with Call Monitoring, Agent Scorecard and Integrated Customer Survey.
  • Maximize time savings with targeted upsell opportunities, strengthened customer relationships.
  • Collect, report and apply key data to stimulate better business decisions.

Seamlessly Engage Your Customers Over Their Preferred Contact Channel 

By giving agents access to all available customer contact on a unified dashboard,

you are enabling more personalized service, mitigating the frustration for customers, and setting the stage for more one-call resolutions.

The end result is an enhanced customer experience leading to greater brand loyalty and additional revenue opportunities.

Easy to Use 


Leverage the industry's most innovative contact center platform.


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