CARES For Insurance

The insurance industry is broad and complex, with a multitude of offerings. CARES contact center software simplifies things for you and your customers, making great service experiences easy, whether through automated efficiency or live agent interaction.

CARES for Personalized Interactions

CARES Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides advanced capabilities for your agents and supervisors to ensure the level of service desired by your company. Policyholder recognition, routing of the call to the agent best equipped to handle the call, Screen Pop of the caller's record, CRM Notes, and call monitoring and recording are among the timesaving and quality assurance features of the CARES platform.

Convenient 24/7 Service

CARES IVR provides self-service options that free up internal resources, while still maintaining the quality of your client's experience. CARES can successfully complete many routine tasks traditionally handled by your staff including:

  • File a claim or hear status of an existing claim.
  • Enter an inquiry and provide the option of speaking with an agent immediately.
  • Provide PCI-Certified Bill Pay options.
  • Direct callers to their assigned agent based on the phone number, allowing for VIP treatment.
  • Hear current investment balances, transfer funds between funds, get current rates etc.
  • Provide Proof of Insurance: Caller enters policy number, and the system generates a Proof of Insurance form that is mailed, faxed, or emailed to the contact information of record.

CARES IVR also delivers benefits through its outbound application, such as:

  • Automatically send client updates on existing claims.
  • Send alerts for upcoming premium payments (reduces delinquency).
  • Sends alert for past due payments, announce payment options.
  • Deliver emergency and public safety related announcements.

Uniquely Integrated for Outstanding Service

All CARES services are delivered through its unique and comprehensive integration with your existing network and telephony systems, making all of your stored data useful and accessible.

Found out more on how CARES helps you maximize your customer service and your bottom line.

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