Seamless Integration

CARES Seamlessly integrates with your current core, PBX and phone systems.

Intelligent IVR / ACD



CARES IVR and ACD solutions allow you to provide great customer experiences. Whether its 24-hour access through convenient self-service or personalized agent interactions, CARES lets you deliver everything your customers expect.


Business Analytics

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CARES reporting function delivers vital information when you want it, where you want it, and how you want to see it. You’ll get accurate real-time and historical data to support informed, strategic decisions impacting call center operations and your organization as a whole.


Quality Assurance

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CARES QA solution ensures your high standards are protected, and superior service is delivered each and every time. Screen & Audio Recording CARES Survey Real-Time Monitoring & Coaching Agent Scorecard CARES Reports


The CenturionCARES Difference

Our integrated CARES platform supports solutions to help you achieve your KPI's and deliver the best service experience possible to your customers or members.

  • Efficiency-boosting automated solutions

  • Multi-Channel ACD

  • ProSpeak (Proactive Account Announcement)

  • Predictive Dialer/Preview Dialer

  • Courtesy Call Back

  • 24/7 Proactive System Monitoring

CARES Intelligent Automation

CenturionCARES experts work with you to determine the amount of automation that best fits your unique culture.

Live agent when possible, scaling up to automated authentication and self-service to save time during high volume periods.

CARES takes care of all your needs.

CARES Is Integrated

With Numerous Systems Including:

Seamlessly Engage Your Customers Over Their Preferred Contact Channel 

By giving agents access to all available customer contact on a unified dashboard, you are enabling more personalized service, mitigating the frustration for customers, and setting the stage for more one-call resolutions. The end result is an enhanced customer experience leading to greater brand loyalty and additional revenue opportunities.   

Easy to Use 

Leverage the industry's most innovative contact center platform.


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