CARES For Healthcare

With the ever-increasing costs of medical services, healthcare providers are under pressure to provide patient-centered healthcare services. An efficient infrastructure to support an organization’s clinical and business needs has always been a quest for health providers that want to obtain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Healthcare providers also need to be sure that the health information technology solutions address regulatory requirements regarding security and privacy of patient information. In a situation like this, here are some pressing questions that the executives in the industry are trying to address:


How Do I Increase Customer Retention Ratio?


CARES understands that the customer satisfaction is the key for sustained growth of healthcare providers. With a thorough understanding of the expectations of the parties involved in the healthcare supply chain, CARES helps healthcare employees consistently meet such expectations to keep all parties happy. CARES intelligent contact center solutions, enables organizations to shift the paradigm towards improving revenue performance and obtaining higher profit margins.


How CARES Helps


CARES enables healthcare contact centers to gain and apply insights from customer interactions with features that help:

  • Improve customer experience through feedbacks and surveys
  • Enhance call quality and optimize call distribution
  • Monitor performance through reports
  • Automate patient appointment reminders and verification
  • Provide Bill or Claim Status
  • Route calls to departments and staff
  • Supply information such as Test Results, Order Prescriptions and Health Benefits

How Do I Respond To Change Quickly & Easily?


Up-to-date information is one of the key attributes customers consider while choosing a healthcare provider. Promptness and accuracy of information over the call when they contact their healthcare provider about bills, plan coverage and other issues is a key concern to the customers. Responding effectively requires calls are answered by the division/staff that has access to the right information.


How CARES Helps


To maximize employee productivity and promote a satisfying customer experience, CARES helps healthcare contact centers accurately align staff resources with customer demands and ensure prompt and consistent handling of customer inquiries including:

  • Service request resolution at the first attempt
  • Reduced time to handle calls
  • Screen recording
  • Workforce management

How Do I Comply With Ever Changing Regulations?


Healthcare providers are faced with a growing number of regulations in each business cycle. As a result, customer interactions that occur over all the channels have to be monitored and recorded to make sure the communication standards meet compliance requirements. Compliance to such regulations also helps the healthcare providers resolve possible allegations of impropriety. Patient personal information, clinical information and other sensitive information must be protected from accidental or wrongful disclosure.


How CARES Helps


CARES allows providers to adhere with regulatory compliance standards by recording calls, protecting sensitive information and making sure employees follow well-defined service processes and procedures. CARES helps healthcare contact centers to capture and store customer interactions, monitor and manage employee performance, and safeguard patient and client information with:

  • Data Security
  • Call Archiving
  • E-Branch Solutions
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