CARES For Retail

Satisfy customer demands no matter where they are, when they shop or which channel they prefer to use. Collect and connect data across the shopper lifecycle to deliver great customer experiences. The CARES platform delivers the best possible results. CARES lets you scale automation to meet demand times like major sales and holidays. In addition, CARES increases customer engagement and experience to foster loyalty and grow business. 

The shift to online shopping has changed consumer expectations, behavior, and preferences that continues to disrupt the retail industry.  Retailers are re-evaluating how to engage their customers, as the quality of customer experience is now a greater  differentiator than ever before.

The best customer experiences are characterized by ease, convenience, and personalization. That's why leading retailers are leveraging contact center AI to deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experience at-scale. The CARES contact center platform lets you provides the tools you need to create great customer experiences, fosters brand loyalty and grow sales.