Communication for Today's Consumer

In an era of high-tech and instant gratification, giving customers what they want when they want it is no longer an option, but a necessity. Customer experience has become the driving force in business. Of course, you can’t positively impact the customer experience if the customer can't reach you. The enhanced communication features of a CenturionCARES IVR can help your business deliver the kind of superior experience your customers' demand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A well-designed IVR system gives callers access to information they need quickly, especially when extended hold time is not convenient or live agent service is unavailable. Using easy to follow, self-service menu options, callers may retrieve account balance information, find out business operating hours, report power outages, or make payment arrangements, among many options.

Additionally, smart businesses are now taking a more proactive approach to customer service, using IVR to deliver outbound messages to schedule or confirm appointments, send past due notifications, announce special offers or broadcast other time critical events. IVR Outbound Notifications have proven to be an effective tool for reducing costs, man hours, and frustration.

The strategic advantage IVR provides is to automate routine, repetitive tasks that would otherwise require the time and effort of trained and skilled employees. The benefits derived are not only substantial, but also wide ranging, impacting your employees, your customers, and your bottom line:

  • Professional staff is utilized more efficiently, allowing time for them to engage in more personalized customer services that will strengthen relationships and nurture brand loyalty.
  • Customers interact with your business on their terms, at times convenient to them.
  • Enables businesses to project a more polished, professional image by eliminating annoying busy signals or endlessly ringing phones after normal business hours.
  • Helps reduce call volumes, call times, abandoned calls, and cost per call.

The cost savings potential of an effective IVR system, along with the upsell opportunities derived from increased customer engagement, often leads to a very rapid return on investment. In fact, full ROI can be attained in as little as six to nine months.

CenturionCARES has been writing Interactive Voice Response software for over 36 years. We offer off the shelf solutions as well as systems customized to meet your specific industry or business requirements, such as our Next Teller IVR for financial institutions or Cloud IVR for Utilities. We invite you to share your unique challenges with one of our specialists to see if a CenturionCARES IVR is right for you.

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