Boost IVR Performance with CARES AI

Customer experience is the new driving force in business. Of course, you can’t provide a great customer experience if you don’t know your customer. The enhanced AI-enabled features of CARES IVR helps you deliver the personalized experience your customers' demand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

More Data = More Personalized Experiences

Unlike standalone automated agent systems, CARES IVR is fully integrated to your core network and customer information systems, making a wealth of data readily accessible. Through comfortable self-service menu options, callers receive information pertinent to them, such as account balances, power outage reports, address changes, or payment arrangements.

For a more proactive customer service experience, CARES IVR delivers personalized outbound messages to schedule or confirm appointments, send past due notifications, announce special offers or broadcast other time critical events. Outbound Notifications have proven to be an effective tool for reducing costs, man hours, and frustration.

Fully Integrated for Higher Containment Rate

IVR call containment is a metric used to calculate the effectiveness of IVR systems. It measures the percentage of inbound calls completely handled by the IVR, divided by the number of total incoming calls. A high-performing IVR will have a large percentage (>85%) of calls resolved (contained) without the need for agent assistance, and fewer calls dropped or placed in queue. It will give callers access to information they need quickly through intuitive interaction. The key component to optimizing IVR containment is the targeted intelligence (AI) provided through CARES comprehensive integration.

AI-enabled CARES IVR boosts containment rates by automating routine tasks and FAQs that would otherwise require the time and expense of highly skilled employees. The benefits derived are substantial and wide ranging, impacting your employees, your customers, and your bottom line:

  • Customers receive vital information pertinent to them at their convenience, enhancing service experiences, improving satisfaction rates, and nurturing brand loyalty.
  • Professional staff is utilized more efficiently, allowing time for them to engage in more complex and individualized customer services that strengthen relationships and stimulate upsell opportunities.
  • Reduces call volumes, wait times, call times, abandoned calls, and cost per call.

CenturionCARES has been writing Interactive Voice Response software for over 40 years. Our CARES solutions are customized to meet your specific industry or business requirements, such as our Next Teller IVR for financial institutions or Cloud IVR for Utilities. We invite you to share your unique challenges with one of our specialists to see if a CARES IVR is right for you.

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