Minimize Costs & Maximize Profits

CARES Cloud Makes Sense

Budget-conscious organizations can contain costs while still delivering a great customer experience by leveraging the CARES Cloud for their contact center. It delivers the same performance and service enriching solutions as premise-based deployments, while mitigating the CAPEX of new equipment, maintenance, and added IT staffing.
  • Financially: Lower operating costs with no equipment to buy or maintain.
  • Availability: Dramatically reduces timeframe to get services up and running.
  • Efficiency: Automatic updates with no customer impact or system disruption.
  • Security: Disaster-safe and redundant, with calls processed through the cloud regardless of conditions at physical site.
  • Flexibility: Manage resources effectively whether in the office, home, or remote location.
  • Scalability: Matches your organization's growth, supports unexpected peaks with limitless capacity.

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