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Systems integrators since 1981. Hundreds of plug-n-play interfaces available and unmatched expertise to connect any and all disparate systems. Seamless access to your data drives comprehensive service experiences for your customers.

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Four decades of pioneering technology built upon the industry’s most advanced platform. Limitless feature and functionality updates mean no costly system replacement – ever! That’s customer-focused, customer-driven innovation.

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We know your needs. Decades of design, manufacture, install and service, all under one roof. Leverage the industry’s most knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable technicians, always ready to take your call.

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Live Agent & Automated Experience


  • Efficient: Lower Call & Hold Times

  • Convenient: Intuitive Self Service Options

  • Personalized: Caller History-CRM Notes

CARES Automation

Intelligently adapts to meet call volume spikes



PreAuth icon whitePre-Authenticate 40 Seconds Saved Per Call
CE Pro Spaek Icon WhiteProSpeak 60 Seconds Saved Per Call
Screen Pop icon whiteScreen Pop 20 Seconds Saved Per Call

CARES Interactive Voice Response

Fast. Intuitive. Intelligent

Fully integrated to your core network and customer information systems, CARES IVR transforms a wealth of available data into personalized self-service experiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Comprehensive menu options allow callers to receive information pertinent to them, such as account balances or power outage reports, and take advantage of time-saving services such as address changes and PCI-Certified bill payments. 

Your customers will enjoy the enhanced services, your staff will appreciate reduced call volumes, and your bottom line will love the lower call handling costs.

CARES IVR is the intelligent choice for intelligent IVR.