CARES SecurePay

If it handles credit card data, it must comply with the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS is a multi-faceted security standard that includes card processing requirements for Customer Care Centers. The payment options offered in CARES ACD/IVR solutions provide peace of mind to Utilities and their customers, knowing each transaction is secured to the highest industry standards through our PA DSS 3.2 Certification.

By mitigating the risks involved with payment processing, CARES PCI-Certified solutions ensure your customer’s sensitive data, as well as your Utility's brand reputation, remain safe and secure.

Download Our PCI-DSS Best Practice For Contact Centers Paper

Discover 10 ways that you can use CARES automation to safely increase your productivity. This includes:

  • A free copy of our paper with tips on how you can increase your PCI compliance through smart automation of your agent's routine tasks.
  • A look at common contact center PCI compliance mistakes.
  • Free consultation on safe automation.